Resonant Interactions

“Perhaps it takes utopian visions, in this case, visions grounded in the emerging information technologies of our age to give us the inspiration to reflect on how things could be, and, more important, how they should be.” – Peter Ludlow


Contemplating Future

We build experiences that seek to inspire a better future. Through the creation of installations, exhibitions, and immersive performances we question where humanity is headed and challenge the perceptions that keep us stuck in the past.


Designed Experiences


By merging the exploration of sound with space, and through our deep understanding of working with large-scale multichannel audio systems, we create immersive soundscapes.

Immersive Experiences

By utilizing our skills with spatial audio, projection mapping, and our familiartiy of working with 360-degree environments, we create embodied experiences.

Designed Interaction

We work with electronics, brain-computer interfaces, and microcontrollers to create connections between people, place, environment, and thought.

Community Engagement

We build live performances, installations, and offer classes and workshops to bring people together to connect, be inspired, and to learn.


Interested in working with us on a project, or want to know more about what we do?
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